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3D Printing as a Marketing Tool in McDonald’s ‘Always Working’ Ad

3D Printed Workers, Buildings, Trucks...Animated and Catchy in McDonald’s Advertisement


The world of fast food industry is competitive but all over the world there’s one brand people know and recall when they think of burgers, fast service and incomparable success - McDonald’s! However, even the most popular brands still need innovative and attractive marketing and this time McDonald’s have decided to use an extraordinary advertising tool - 3D printing!

mcdonalds-uk-always-working-3dprinted(1).jpg macdonalds-ad-3dprinted.jpg

Their marketing campaign with the logo ‘Always Working’ is really unique and there is no doubt that it attracts many new customers. At the same time, such international brand advertising all over the world brings new fans to 3D printing, too. And, unlike the constant discussion “for” and “against” fast food, there’s no such hesitation about 3D printing - it’s cool and attractive and no one will deny how exciting this advertisement looks.

mcdonalds-always-working-ad-3dprinting-stop-motion-animation-1(1).jpg mcdonalds-always-working-ad-3dprinting-stop-motion-animation-2(1).jpg

The innovative and ingenious solution for the use of 3D printed figurines and animation in McDonald’s ad has come in one of the oldest international branches of the company - McDonald’s UK. In general the marketing campaign “Always working” has been targeted towards parents and their children because its purpose is to show how their all-time favorite “Happy Meal” has been improved. The ads bring the viewer into an enchanted world of animated farms with workers, fields and anything rural and idyllic one can expect from a farming landscape. The changes in the nutritional features of the “Happy Meal” are for the sake of healthier food for kids and according to McDonald’s their pack now has less sodium and salt. Another positive change is the addition of story books as gifts in the meal, replacing the traditional plastic action figures. This aims to encourage reading and literacy.

mcdonalds-always-working-ad-3dprinting-stop-motion-animation-4(1).jpg mcdonalds-always-working-ad-3dprinting-stop-motion-animation-5(1).jpg

Maybe all geeks will be a little disappointed that there won’t be any 3D printed figurines from the advertisement added as gifts in McDonald’s “Happy Meal”...but maybe the company will introduce a new fast food pack especially for 3D printing enthusiasts someday!

Of course, if you’re not a McDonald’s fan, you probably won’t change your mind because of the 3D printed animated ad, but if you like the idea itself, you’d probably be interested to know who came up with it. That was the London firm Leo Burnett, authors of numerous original and well-known ads. And guess what - you can see a “behind the scenes” kind of video about the making of the “Always working” marketing campaign with all the 3D printing, dying and arranging...if McDonald’s would just reveal the truth about the making of their sandwiches, they’d probably have many more supporters. Until then - enjoy the adorable 3D printed animation!

3D Printing as a Marketing Tool in McDonald’s ‘Always Working’ Ad