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Parental Advisory: 3D Printed Donald Trump Butt Plug

Political protest expressed untraditionally by a Mexican immigrant


There are people who have never been to the United States and don’t know anything about this country. There are Americans who don’t know who is their current president. But the common thing between these two parties is that almost all of them have heard this name - Donald Trump. One of the richest men in the world, Mr. Trump is an ambitious man who seeks power and money whenever he can. And his ambition on the political scene has made him a very controversial and hated person. Especially by immigrants from Mexico due to his public speeches against the liberal policy of the States towards them.

trump-immigrants.gif     3d-printed-donald-trump-butt-plug.jpg

However, for every action there is a reaction and a 3D printing artist called Fernando Sosa, a Mexican, has replied quite untraditionally to Donald Trump’s attitude towards immigrants. Fernando is popular in the world of 3D printing with his satiric creations imitating and mocking political figures. He has created various 3D printed figurines of politicians such as Hillary Clinton, Vladimir Putin, Kim Jong Un and many others. However, his “masterpiece” is his Donald Trump’s representation as a...butt plug.

donald-trump-butt-plug.jpg  putin-3dprinted-butt-plug.jpg

The main reason for this sarcastic and quite offensive 3D print is the speech Trump gave recently where he states that Mexicans “wreak havoc” on the American population. He also says that he respects Mexico as a country but immigrants from Mexico are not “the best” and have lots of problems. The strongest parts of Trump’s speech has become widely popular since then and it says: ”They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists.”

Sosa, a Mexican immigrant in the States himself, felt very insulted by this speech and admits his blood boiled when he heard Trump’s speech against Mexican immigrants. That’s why he  put Trump on his list of 3D printed homophobes and world dictators.

donald-trump-3dprinted-butt-plug.jpg polititcians-butt-plugs.jpg

Sosa made the 3D printable model of Donald Trump in the shape of a butt plug and we can see that the portrait is quite accurate. Sosa used software such as Photoshop, Maya and Meshlab to make his creation realistic and used very realistic textures and brush techniques. The artists admits he is disgusted by Trump’s actual face and it was not very easy to recreate his “melanoma-like” skin and wrinkles, but he was driven by revenge and obviously this helped him.

What’s even more embarrassing for the politician is that the butt plug created by Sosa is online for anyone to buy it and if you have this twisted kind of humor you can buy the 3D printed Donald Trump Butt Plug for less than $30.

Parental Advisory: 3D Printed Donald Trump Butt Plug