3-Dimensional printing is defined as the creation parts and products using a computer-driven addictive process. 3D printers have the ability to build parts directly from Computer Aided Design (CAD) drawings that have been cross-sectioned into thousands of layers by open source software provided by the 3D Printer companies when they calculate the support and casting needed to prop up the model.

Of course, the uses of 3D printing are humongous. From 3D printed houses to 3D printed sex toys, the retail uses of 3D printers are just as wide as any user can imagine. 3D printing has now been covered across many television channels, in mainstream newspapers and across online resources. Yet, little did most users know, this idea was already in place since the 1980s (although prices were far more expensive than they are now).

The most basic, differentiating principle behind 3D printing is that it is an additive manufacturing process. And this is crucial because 3D printing is a radically different manufacturing method based on advanced technology that builds up parts, additively, in layers at the sub mm scale. This is fundamentally different from any other existing traditional manufacturing techniques.

3D Printing Process in Singapore

The use of FDM (fused deposition modeling) has allowed molds to be created at a fraction of what it used to cost when factories create expensive metal molds for their products. It has also allowed for cheap product prototyping before mass production.

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