Posted On: 2015-12-05 12:54:01 ; Read: 1052 time(s)
Now, Formlabs have decided to improve their successful Form 1 3d printer and have developed Form 2. [...]
Posted On: 2015-11-27 00:52:18 ; Read: 841 time(s)
The Da Vinci Junior 3D printer targets 3D printing beginners and hobbyists in Australia and costs just $249 until December 24th [...]
Posted On: 2015-11-22 07:28:01 ; Read: 615 time(s)
Renishaw exhibits the new members of the metal 3D printing family - AM400 and RenAM 500M [...]
Posted On: 2015-11-09 02:57:47 ; Read: 697 time(s)
Chinese 3D printing manufacturer Qingdao launches a cheap 3D printer perfect for school education labs and creative children [...]
Posted On: 2015-10-31 23:43:19 ; Read: 632 time(s)
The difference between PET and PETG is that the latter has lower melting temperature and at the same time it’s durable and flexible once 3D printed. [...]
Posted On: 2015-10-09 05:04:20 ; Read: 595 time(s)
M3D’s Micro 3D printer is already on sale and if you are fast you can buy one from for just $349! It comes with three-month warranty and some filament. [...]
Posted On: 2015-09-29 05:54:19 ; Read: 977 time(s)
Carima C-CAT DLP 3d printer work with a super fast 3d printing technology and will be on the market in early 2016 [...]
Posted On: 2015-08-30 12:23:50 ; Read: 1038 time(s)
The new enterprise by Renishaw is called AM250 - a high-powered fiber laser able to print 20µm- to 100µm-thick layers of fully dense metal directly from 3D CAD data. [...]
Posted On: 2015-07-28 17:17:53 ; Read: 1031 time(s)
Currently 3DT Labs offer pack with 16, 32, 48 and 64 colors and if you want to get your Chameleon kit on a very affordable price, back up their Kickstarter campaign [...]
Posted On: 2015-07-28 00:18:01 ; Read: 2018 time(s)
3D printing is evolving. And this evolution and progress has lead to this - Nobel 1.0, the SLA printer that’s great for your home at the very reasonable price of $1,499! [...]